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Inner purity equals inner peace. In the deep of winter, one of the best things we can do is allow ourselves to slip into silence. Imagine the quiet snowfall of the woods or reading at home wrapped in your favorite blanket. Our winter juice cleanse was created with warmth and inner calm in mind. It also works to thoroughly cleanse the digestive tract, break down fats + proteins, and improve digestive enzyme content. Each day consists of 6, 16 oz juices that we recommend you enjoy in the following order.


Juice 01 Morning Cleanse: Pure Pink Grapefruit

Pure grapefruit helps speed the breakdown of fat, boost the immune system, and lower high blood. Drinking this luxuriously tart juice is a beautiful way to start your morning and stimulate your entire self. Fresh grapefruit juice is full of digestive enzymes, antioxidants, potassium, lycopene, and electrolytes. It will bathe and replenish your cells in plentiful nutrients and fire your metabolism for day.

Juice 02 Deepen Your Detox: Beet Apple Lime & Cayenne

Beets are our blood builders and contain the most sensational source of plant-based iron, beta-carotene, calcium, and vitamin C. This juice contains natural anti-viral properties that will bolster your bloodstream and boost your metabolism. Fresh lime juice will encourage cell division while fresh apple cider stimulates liver cleansing. All ingredients will have an alkalizing effect while the kick of hot cayenne will warm the body; stimulate digestion and muscle movement in the intestines.

Juice 03 Replenish with Roots: Carrot Pineapple & Turmeric

Pure turmeric juice is thick with natural resins that elegantly reduce inflammation throughout the entire body. This live juice is also abundant with potent vitamin C, electrolytes, and curcumin that encourage the production of glutathione and protect healthy cells from free radicals. After a beautiful morning of juicing, you can begin to reach a delicious depth of healing & rehydration. Feel the sunshine in your soul.

Juice 04 Energize and Alkalize: Peruvian Ginger Maple Limeade

Ginger is a rhizome with over 400 compounds naturally targeted to reduce inflammation, enhance blood flow and aids the digestive process. It’s also known for its remedial effects on an upset stomach.  It has been found to inhibit the production of cytokines, compounds found in the immune system that produces pain and tension. Lemon juice cleanses the bloodstream and liver and Vermont Maple Syrup bolsters your energy with wholesome natural sugars replete with essential trace minerals.

Juice 05 Maximize Your Nutrient Intake : Greens & Ginger

After a gorgeous day of generous cleansing, your body receives 1 pint of our 65% greens juices prepared predominantly with celery, cucumber, red chard, collard greens, kale, and ginger. Celery juice alone is a powerhouse of life giving nutrition as well as an effective tonic for anxiety, stress, insomnia, and headaches.

Juice 06 Comfort and Calm: Sprouted Vanilla Almond Milk

Sprouted almonds are the healthiest and most alkaline of all tree-nut. And because they are living, the nutrient contents are doubled and digestibility increased! Enzymes are brought to action and greater sources of B vitamins and minerals are now made more accessible to the body. The magnesium content in almonds helps the body’s adrenal system to relax. And being higher in calcium and fiber than any other nut, digesting almonds as a nut-milk, becomes even easier on our system.


Each Juice is to be enjoyed at 2 hour intervals throughout the day in the order we’ve suggested. If you have a different you’d prefer from our menu to enjoy as an alternative to any of these juices, let us know! We can easily mix + match with our assorted menu of juices, soups, smoothies, and salads! Yep, that’s right — you can swap any juice for a soup or a meal of your choice. Our goal is to help you feel your best.


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