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Ready, set, refresh. At Tomgirl you can start your juice cleanse any day of the week. Simply provide us with 24 hours notice and we'll create the freshest most vibrant assortment of seasonal juices we can muster for you and any one that decides to join the experience. All we ask is that you review our juice cleanse FAQ and give yourself a big hug for making time for deep and lasting self-care.


Anxious to begin right away? We always have an abundant assortment of juice in our case. Please stop in and we will help you stock up with a custom assortment of available items that you feel excited to enjoy. From here we can set up future and next day appointments that help propel your cleanse experience forward.

Call our shop to setup an appointment and inform us of any food allergies or sensitivities you have. We can be reached at (802) 540-0337 Monday through Friday from 7AM-5PM and Sunday from 9AM-4PM. You can pick up a total of 3 days per person at a time. Local delivery options are available if you need us to come to you. Pricing varies per destination.

Here to help you feel beautiful inside and out. 

Love + Light,

Gabrielle and the Tomgirl Team

For incredible results: 

We recommended signing up and completing a 1 day juice cleanse once a week for 4 weeks to enjoy truly lasting long term results. Alternatively, a dedicated 3 day cleanse [joined by healthy eating habits + a challenging exercise routine] scheduled each month throughout the a certain season can help build immune health, rev up digestion, and reset your palette to crave fewer sweets and more nutrient-rich foods. Vermont is a place where we can be incredibly active! You will love connecting with our seasonal flavors and deepening your connection to all times of year. 

When scheduling a cleanse greater than 7 days in length, we recommend you first meet with your naturopath or physician. There could be some amazing supplements and additional guidance you could receive for your body. Gabrielle is also a terrific guide and always available to help with overall motivation and goal setting. Knowing what you want and how you want to feel is just the beginning!

Visit our Juice Cleanse FAQ page to prepare your body and learn more! 


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Please specify which cleanse you are interested in and the best way to contact you. We will call or email you and set you up with the perfect cleanse for your needs and budget. 

More information is available in our Cleanse FAQ but all questions are welcome!

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