Aloha Kale & Spirulina

Aloha Kale & Spirulina



Our awestruck kale + pineapple smoothie was created to help you meet the day. Pineapple is abundant in digestive enzymes such a bromelain while kale is rich in chlorophyll. Both are independently alkaline forming and create a deep feeling of refreshment and nutrient penetration within each of our body’s cells. The addition of sprouted cashews and fresh ginger adds just a touch of creaminess to our thirst quenching shake and imparts nutrients such as stress relieving magnesium, curb-your cravings copper, plant-protein, and a broad range of anti-inflammatory properties. Fresh lime and orange are introduced as full fruits intact with bioflavonoids and the even deeper vitamin C content of the rind. Make life delicious.

Organic and Local Ingredients: Costa Rican Pineapple, Northern Spirulina, Green Kale, Celery, Orange & Lime Fruit, Peruvian Ginger, Indian Cashews, Date, Sea Salt & Vanilla Bean


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