Brio Coffee

Brio Coffee is a local roaster and curator of small batch beans grown all over the world by diverse small farms using unique heirloom cultivars. We love their attention to detail and cannot get enough of their delicious seasonal roasts.  

Bryn Perkins

Bryn is the creator of local 28-Day cleanse program, Eating for a Healthier You! She is a unique and amazing source of knowledge and know-how. If you are looking to create a healthier rhythm at home and feel personally empowered in the kitchen, her classwork will help you [and your family] become perfectly vibrant and more energized.


Tata Harper

We are endlessly inspired by Tata Harper and her mission to create 100% Non Toxic Skin Care. We want to help more people recognize ways they can Green their Beauty Routine and care for their skin with cleaner more healthful products made with love in Vermont.

Alice & the Magician

Our favorite aromatic apothecary for a whimsical cocktail experience. Brothers Aaron and Sam Wisniewski have have studied the science and art of how we experience taste, flavor and aroma.  After traveling the world for years researching the rarest, purest and most intriguing flavors they developed the unique and ground-breaking process to create the world of Alice & the Magician Aromatics