Cider Soak: A Rebalancing Raw Honey and Vinegar Bath

Cider Soak: A Rebalancing Raw Honey and Vinegar Bath



A Rebalancing Bath Soak for Deep Skin Cleansing and Heightened Immune Health

Breathe in the unbeatable healing & detoxification of pure apple cider vinegar and raw wildflower honey. This skin nurturing experience for the body’s largest organ is gentle, precise, warming, and awakening. Raw apple cider vinegar helps exfoliate and purify the skin of dead cells and environmental toxins. Herbs and sea salt enrich your cells with plant extracts, magnesium, and replenishing minerals.


Create a sacred space. Start with a few minutes of gentle body brushing to clear the skin of dead skin cell and increase blood flow to the skins surface, always brushing upwards and toward the heart. Light a candle and take a few deep breaths. Pour 1 cup of our moisturizing and pore cleansing Bath Juice per tub. Soak until your heart’s content! Allow our botanical ingredients to connect deeply with your skin and renew your sense of radiance. We recommend a minimum of 20 minutes for maximum absorption of nutrients.

Local & Organic Ingredients: Organic Apple Cider Vinegar*[Malis Pumila], Lavender Flowers, Dandelion Leaf, Grade A Raw Honey*, Pink Himalayan Salt, Ocean Jasper, and Handcrafted Essential Oils


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