Tomgirl is a place where we make colorful recipes, promote health and wellness in our community, spread knowledge and support one another's unlimited potential with healing rainbow foods. From season to season, we obsess over new and nourishing recipes to help you feel your best.

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In the beginning, I was inspired by color. Ravishing, all natural, edible color. The deep green of spirulina, the gorgeous pink of rose petals and grapefruit, and the vibrant yellows of turmeric, pineapple, and certain kinds of tomatoes. My background in French Pastry inspired a separate and special need for constant celebration and gift-giving but I wondered how the idea of celebrating could become more healthful and therefore even more loving. I wanted to create colorful and memorable recipes that looked, felt and tasted like a gift, but deep down were able to contribute meaningfully to your body’s mind, energy, and longevity. I am inspired to make life feel nutritious and delicious, and to help people feel more educated and inspired about the virtues of eating well.

Gabrielle Kammerer

Founder & Forever Tomgirl